Thermal Heat for Bed Bugs vs. Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

Both Thermal Heat and Chemical Treatment options are effective solutions. Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros will thoroughly inspect your home and offer treatment suggestions based on your living situation, level of infestation and budget parameters.

Why is Thermal Heat an Effective Bed Bug Treatment Option?

Because bed bugs are attracted to heat… and ONLY heat eliminates bed bugs at every stage of development, including bed bug eggs. As Thermal Heat is applied, rather than trying to escape, bed bugs are attracted to the heat source and emerge from hiding. As room temperatures elevate quickly, bed bugs have no time to escape and die on contact as temperatures hit 130 degrees.

OrganicAdditionally, Thermal Heat penetrates virtually every household item: clothing fabrics, upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, bedding, electronics, window treatments, etc. Using Thermal Heat can actually save you money as a result of not having to throw out household items and furniture! Bed bugs also hide in small cracks and protected areas that may be more difficult to treat with chemicals. Heat finds and kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs on contact.

Thermal Heat is organic and it eliminates your bed bug problem in ONE appointment as opposed to weeks of continuous service.

Thermal Heat is a great solution for those with Chemical sensitivities or concerns. Our equipment is especially safe for those with health disorders such as lung or breathing problems and allergies. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women, infants and children should avoid exposure to chemical sprays and treatments.

Why consider Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros Chemical Option?

Chemical options remain effective but require a longer period of time is to fully exterminate Bed Bug infestations. In most cases, preparation and patience is required over a period of two to six weeks. Milwaukee Bed Bugs Pros recommends treatment every 14 days as Bed Bug eggs hatch.

In time, following scheduled appointments, chemical applications will eliminate the life cycle and solve the problem. Assistance is required between appointments: Vacuuming carpets and furniture every two to three days, daily inspection of mattresses, box springs, headboards and regularly washing and drying all bedding greatly reduces the number of weeks required to eliminate bed bugs from your property. Additionally, working to keep the home or apartment ‘clutter-free’ greatly enhances the effectiveness of each chemical application.

Chemical options provide a more affordable option if cost is a concern.

Immediate Results & Huge Savings

Our Thermal Heat treatment option, on average, offers a 30% to 50% savings compared to other Milwaukee Area pest control companies. This makes Thermal Heat a viable and highly effective, ONE appointment option. No more sleepless nights… call Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros for an appointment to inspect your property and to customize a plan to fit your needs and budget. Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros also offers Spanish instruction as well as a complete list of steps and videos to prepare your property for service.