Chemical-Free Bed Bug Removal in Only One Application!

Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros are now excited to offer Aprehend, a natural bio-pesticide that uses the power of fungus to disrupt entire colonies of bed bugs in one fell swoop. As a fungicide, it has no negative effects on humans or animals and is applied in a discreet, scentless band to the problematic area.

No nasty chemicals. No full-day quarantine. Only immediate bed bug protection.

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How Does Aprehend Work?

First we place Aprehend in an area of known infestation, then the bed bugs do the rest. Once a bug comes into contact with Aprehend, the fungus attaches itself and spreads throughout the group. This chain reaction typically will wipe out an infestation in days. The best part is that Aprehend remains active for up to three months, so no bed bugs get left behind. Give us a call today for more information on this eco-friendly technology!