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Milwaukee Bed Bug Services

Bed bug infestations in the home create stress and anxiety, yet many over-the-counter chemical solutions are both inadequate and toxic. Many methods are available on the market, but heat treatment is an exceptionally promising solution. If you have pets or children, consider this chemical-free option for bed bug infestations. Heat treatment is an preferable approach because it will get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs without harming the home’s occupants.

Understanding Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small pests that have red bodies, and they can grow up to 3/8 inches long. Their bites leave sores that itch and swell. According to the University of Massachusetts, less than 6 percent of chemical treatments are effective after a single use. This means that you must endure multiple chemical treatments over a period of several weeks. Pesticides also present a variety of health problems that simply do not exist when employing the heat treatment method.

Milwaukee Bed Bug Services

Bed bug problems never improve without intervention. Our expert exterminator will professionally apply the heat treatment to eliminate pests inside wall cavities, mattresses and other tiny surfaces, which are normally difficult to penetrate. The heat treatment solution involves evenly administering heat throughout the affected structure. This method kills bed bugs regardless of where they are hiding. Without an effective solution, these critters will proliferate by hiding and nesting over time.

Once you discover evidence of an infestation, take quick and decisive steps immediately. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable, for bed bugs often feed on them, which leads to bites, irritation, itching and infections. Business owners and families experiencing bed bug infestations are often devastated by the situation. Fighting bed bugs can be mentally, physically and financially draining, for they can spread at epidemic levels and are hard to combat effectively. Professional assistance is invaluable under these conditions.

Professional Bed Bug Control in Milwaukee

Our inspection process is thorough. A licensed expert from our company will offer you a list of materials that are sensitive to heat. These items must be moved from the room before the treatment. Unlike chemical treatments that often force you to get rid of mattresses and furniture, this move is just temporary. This affordable technique permits you to go back to your house on the same day, and it also enables you to protect all of your precious possessions.

Bedbug Heat Treatments, Thermal Death

Our company was founded on the principle that the thermal death method is the best procedure for eliminating bed bugs permanently. Our expert technicians are licensed to use specialty equipment that heats infested sections to more than 135 Fahrenheit, which is the thermal death level. This process can be extremely dangerous if procedures are not correctly followed, so never attempt this treatment on your own.

Many chemical solutions used in the past merely exacerbated pest infestations because bed bugs develop resistance over time, which makes them harder to eliminate. However, when they are attacked using heat, it takes less than an hour to kill them. The exact time varies according to the temperature and related conditions. This is a fast and efficient treatment for killing eggs, adults and nymphs without the need to spray your house with toxins. Avoid the untidiness that comes with baited traps, and feel good about protecting the safety of your family members, your pets and your environment.

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